Filthboy - _Filthboy_
by: Gino Filicetti (not rated)
Shit! What a wild demo. I swear, and not a word of a lie to all of you out there, this is probably one of the best demos I've heard, ever! The demo starts out with the track 'Agent Hate' which begins with an amazingly heavy rhythm and then tears away into a distorted, spoken word vocal style. I thought, wow, already this demo has my toes tapping. I was warned by one of Filthboy's founding members, Buzzy, to keep an open mind while listening to the tape and to keep in mind that this is a straight dub, totally unmixed. Fuck, if that's the case, then I'm scared to think of what this band could accomplish in the studio, with their hands on some of the latest in state of the art technology. The band incorporates the best elements of death metal, hardcore and thrash in a fusion that has an undeniably massive attraction. The vocal style is varied throughout this recording, changing almost every second, from low spoken word ramblings, to deep grunts, to fast paced blabber mouth distortion. Keyboards add an undeniable presence to the music giving it life beyond 'death'. Definitely a band to keep both eyes on, I see a future for these guys as bright as the one Monster Voodoo Machine had in store for them after their first demos.

Contact: Filthboy, c/o Buzzy Beck, 1616 McFarland Rd.

(article published 2/9/1995)

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