Fearsight - _Timequake_
by: Gino Filicetti (not rated)
This demo comes to us from local Toronto act Fearsight. In this six track outing, Fearsight show that heavy metal with a 'different' vibe to it is still alive and well in our fiar city. Their sound is best described as an industrial Paradise Lost with some elements of conventional thrash and death metal thrown in for good measure. Two instrumental songs open up each side of this tape with a strange nordic/medieval feel in both 'Darconian Hymn' and 'Edenfrost'. The vocals on this demo are distorted but not growled. The music is somewhat substandard and monotonous on most songs excluding my fave track, a really cool old school thrasher which provides the name of this demo, 'Timequake'. I kind of like this band, and their live show is really good, but this tape did disappoint me. More time should be spent on the mixing board and then perhaps we'd have a masterpiece.

Contact: FEARSIGHT, 20 Twenty Third St., Etobicoke Ont.

(article published 12/8/1995)

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