Metalucifer - _Heavy Metal Drill_
(Iron Pegasus, 1997)
by: Paul Schwarz (8.5 out of 10)
Classic heavy metal. Metalucifer are testament both to its brilliance and its timelessness. Although not original by any standard, the quality of the music which this Japanses trio, which features current and former members of Sabbat, pen is of such compelling quality that any similarities to classic, pioneering bands such as Iron Maiden, Manowar or Helloween are instantly forgiven. Anyway, _Heavy Metal Drill_ is better than anything produced by the aforementioned in the last ten years. It's at least 666 times better than Iron Maiden's latest effort, _Virtual XI_, beats Helloween's decent _Better Than Raw_ and tops both of Manowar's patchy efforts since 1988's incredible _Kings of Metal_ easily. With song titles and lyrics as firmly focused on pure metal as the riffs and drums are, the first three songs all start wih "Heavy Metal..." and the seventh is simply entitled "Headbanging", this becomes a 50 minute journey into the melodic, distortion filled world of classic heavy metal -- and what a journey it is. Solos are what axemen's dreams and egos are made out of, vocals are as infectious as they are balls out, and quite simply every feature of a great, classic, heavy metal album is present. The band even sucessfully toy with keyboards on their "Metalucifer" instrumental track. When the old boys can no longer match themselves, it is up to others to remind them of the greatness of heavy metal. This is better than HammerFall too, by the way. All this from a Japanese band. Who would have thought it? "The next album _Heavy Metal Chainsaw_ is planned to attack you with spell somewhere in 1999", say the band in their booklet. You have been forewarned.

Contact: Iron Pegasus, Costa Stoios, Brunnenstr. 6, 54538

(article published 1/9/1998)

4/12/2002 Q Kalis 8.5 Metalucifer - Heavy Metal Chainsaw
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