Dawnbringer - _Unbleed_
(Twilight Records, 1997)
by: Ryan Kriste (8 out of 10)
The reviewer's nightmare: music that defies description. Originally intended as being a return to the classic metal sound, this album features just about every metal sub-genre I can think of. The overall sound is one of black metal styled vocals over classic metal music. Prolific use of acoustic guitars, even for some of the solos, which give a very bluesy feel (acoustic minor-pentatonics with string bending tend to do that). Then suddenly the music changes totally with track eight into a total tribute to Omen. "Untold" is a medley of songs that appear on Omen's _Battle Cry_ LP. "To Circadia" seems highly gothic with its keyboards and almost spoken vocals, but once again the music is pure metal, with its NWOBHM style chorus. One of the most highly original albums I have ever reviewed, not an easy listening album, but one that you'll find yourself returning to on many occasions. Check out the cover painting by Chris Cooper!!!!

Contact: Dawnbringer, c/o Twilight Records, P.O.Box 416

(article published 1/9/1998)

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