Alastis - _Revenge_
(Century Media, 1998)
by: Paul Schwarz (4 out of 10)
Well, the chances of my review of this record being positive were pretty low even before I received it. Why? Because one of these tracks was aired on London's XFM Rock Show and I spent the entire song racking my brains to remember which Samael song it was. Imagine how I felt when I found out it wasn't my memory that was failing me. Unsurprisingly, the full length album also diverges little from the musical path which Alastis' more popular fellow countrymen have paved. Chugging riffs give way to brief keyboard interludes and are occasionally interspersed with bass and drums passages. I really didn't hear much on _Revenge_ that hasn't been done on Samael's _Ceremony of Opposites_ let alone in their entire, and extensive, back catalogue. If you are truly obsessed with the _CoO_ Samael sound, then this album may interest you. For myself, I don't really find much originality here and I don't need more than one _CoO_ either.

(article published 1/9/1998)

5/13/1997 A Bromley 7 Alastis - The Other Side
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