Vader - _Kingdom_
(Metal Mind, 1998)
by: Paul Schwarz (8.5 out of 10)
Unfortunately this taste of things to come, which should be arriving in 1999 sometime, has at present only seen an official release in Poland. However, it's currently available through the band's management and I know Nuclear Blast Germany also stock it. But is _Kingdom_ worth the trouble? Well, it sure was for me. It contains two totally new songs, a re-recording of "Breath of Centuries" (excellent), an outake from the _Black to the Blind_ sessions which appeared on its Japanese copies, and two atmospheric dance mixes of songs from _BttB_. Not to hold you in dreaded suspense, the remixes are actually very well done, and, although I do not go in for deconstruction myself, if I was listening to this sort of stuff I'd listen to these as soon as any atmospheric dance, though it isn't really a part of Vader to me. "Anamnesis", from the _BttB_ sessions, is very similar to the other tracks on that album, although it does have a particularly insane piece of drum chaos just before the song kicks in which is worth checking out. If "Creatures of Light and Darkness" and "Kingdom" are indicators of where Vader are headed, then I predict that a repeat of any of their previous works is not on the cards. These new songs, though short (only just over three minutes a piece), are much less frantic and speed-oriented than the songs from _BttB_. They utilize pummelling mid-paced riffs, backed up by fierce drums and Peter's distinctive vocals and some excellent quiet/loud dynamics, while not opting for slow/fast ones -- all in all, two very cool Vader songs. _Kingdom_ is a reassuring reminder of Vader's talents and a definite reason to salivate in anticipation of a new full length.

(article published 8/7/1998)

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