Suffocation - _Despise the Sun_
(Vulture, 1998)
by: Paul Schwarz (9 out of 10)
The kings of brutality return -- and what a beast they have brought with them. _Despise the Sun_ is the most vicious collection of music Suffocation have released since the legendary _Effigy of the Forgotten_ and easily qualifies as one of this year's most brutal releases. Admittedly it is only an EPs worth of material whose five tracks fly by in a mere 17 minutes, but you can rest assured that no second is wasted with anything but material of the highest quality, brutality and technicality. In the four new songs, Suffocation fans will note, probably with surprise, that no solos appear; this, in some respects, adds to their relentlessness, but it would be a shame if the band has decided to leave them out of the new material altogether -- the masterfully re-recorded "Catatonia", from _Human Waste_, demonstrates what folly this would be. Although Suffocation have changed little in style or quality, the line-up has seen some alteration with the recruitment of ex-Malevolent Creation skinsman Dave Culross. Dave seems to have brought some of the additional intensity and additional freshness which _DtS_ oozes, though drums have never been a low point with Suffocation. Although hopefully a mere taste of things to come, _DtS_ is hugely satisfying and a testament to the longevity of one of death metal's best and most influential acts.

Contact: Vulture, PO Box 730, Coram, New York, 11727, USA

(article published 8/7/1998)

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