Solus - _Solus_
(Skinmask Productions, 1998)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
If there was something that the band's debut disc _Slave of Mind_ needed, it was a fuller, richer sound. Everything else tore at ya with some sinister results; it just lacked something, and finally the band has captured the missing piece. That one ingredient makes its way into the band's latest 3-song (in between relaxing and recording) effort that truly brings the band's strengths to the forefront. Laced with ultra-heavy growls, a monstrous rhythm section and guitar licks to die for, Solus' 3-song EP showcases a band on the move and in fine form. I'm digging the powerful opener "Quilt of Shame" and the varied vocal styles of the epic-esque "Magadan" big time. The EP ends with the blistering onslaught calling itself "Tainted Slowly", a track that really runs up the momentum of the band to tiptop shape. Strong grooves and full growls echo and shatter things in its wake. A Toronto band that is truly doing some dynamic work and looking rather strong for the future if this keeps up.

(article published 8/7/1998)

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