Samael - _Exodus_
(Century Media, 1998)
by: Paul Schwarz (8 out of 10)
From what I can tell, not being Samael's No.1 fan, this MCD gives you three listed newly recorded Samael tracks and one unlisted bonus track, two of the tracks from _Ceremony of Opposites_ reworked and another reworked song called "From Malkuth to Kether". _Exodus_ also clocks in at nearly half an hour and the net result is that this MCD is good value for money; but, I hear you ask, is it any good? Well, quite frankly, yes it is. The reworked tracks, "Son of Earth" and "Ceremony of Opposites", both sound refreshingly different from their originals, with the band giving the production a more rounded feel and adding or subtracting various elements. These changes are all blended in well, as opposed to being pasted, and even the techno beats in "Son of Earth" don't sound like they've been unthinkingly dumped. All the three new listed tracks are similar to the band's typical compositions and are good; blending death metal power chords, keyboards and a varied array of vocals, as is Samael's trade. The final reworking "From Malkuth to Kether" incorporates thumping techno-influenced drumming, brief guitar chords and squeals, and black metal vocals to produce something vaguely original and surprisingly listenable; although not one for the purists. The bonus track is an inconsequential but enjoyable instrumental 'outro'. Quality of music and value for money make this a good purchase for fans and those who have never heard the band, as it gives you a taste of the band's core sound and their flair for experimentation.

(article published 8/7/1998)

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