Deeds of Flesh - _Inbreeding the Anthropophagi_
(Repulse, 1998)
by: Brian Meloon (8 out of 10)
This is very intense American death metal. My initial reaction to it was that it was good, but boring. It suffers from the too-much-of-the-same syndrome, and seems very monotonous. After a few listens, I started to understand the complexity of the songs, and my opinion of it improved. It still scores very low in the memorability department: after many listens, there are still only a handful of memorable riffs. However, in every other department, the album is excellent. The production is clean, precise, and brutal. The music is constantly changing, but the riffs are similar. The complexity is a result of the rapid-fire switching of riffs that they employ. Even when the riffs themselves aren't that interesting, the fact that they're constantly changing helps alleviate this difficulty. The playing on all counts is very good, with especially good drumming. This guy keeps up with the constant changes, and changes his patterns frequently. He's the main reason why the songs avoid becoming one monotonous blur. This is excellent American death metal, but will require some effort to enjoy.


(article published 8/7/1998)

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