Kadath - _Twisted Tales of Gruesome Fates_
(Independent, 1997)
by: Paul Schwarz (7 out of 10)
It's a pity Kadath chose such a typically laughable title for this MCD, because for a band producing their first MCD Kadath are doing pretty well. Forget that this 'boasts' a cover of Terrorizer's "Corporation Pull-In" (not good or interestingly reinterpreted enough), concentrate instead on Kadath's own music and, hidden among a sea of well executed cliches, you will find a good deal of near originality. The band add harmony playing, more typical of black or brutal melodic death bands, into a sound which is most prominently influenced by grindcore and death. They also utilise some refreshing acoustic interludes which, although not wholly original, are well woven into the tracks on which they appear. As debut EPs (they've also done one split 7") go, _TToGF_ is damn good going and bodes well for future releases. Kadath need better production and, most importantly, greater technical skill (also a must for doing those Terrorizer covers properly, at least in the drum department).

Contact: Holger Friedenberger, Eifelstrasse 35, 52068 Aachen, Germany

(article published 7/6/1998)

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