Sacramentary Abolishment - _The Distracting Stone_
(Catharsis, 1997)
by: Adam Wasylyk (5 out of 10)
I was really expecting more from S.A. after hearing their debut CD _River of Corticone_, a CD which I definitely recommend. However, I can't say the same for its follow up, _The Distracting Stone_. I have to ask 'What the fuck happened to the vocals?' They really stick out like a sore thumb. Perhaps the band were going for a more unconventional style; if so, they really made a mistake. Somewhere between a scream and a yell, these black metal vocals are among the worst I've heard. However, musically Sacramentary Abolishment fare better; it's brutally fast for the most part with a few melodic/slower parts to fill in the gaps. The production is average and in need of improvement, the guitars could be a lot more powerful and clearer, it should have been re-mixed at least once more before the album's release. The tunes are definitely here, but the vocals come in and ruin them. I know these guys are capable of more, their past material indicates this. I was even set to do an interview with the band for a couple of zines I write for (including CoC), but I won't do it for this release. This Canadian band have potential to go far, but they won't get there on the heels of _The Distracting Stone_.

Contact: Catharsis Records, #21 10405 Jasper Ave., P.O. Box 539

(article published 13/4/1998)

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