Soulfly - _Soulfly_
(Roadrunner, 1998)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
So... this is it? The new Max Cavalera record? Soulfly. Hmmm... let's give this a spin. Okay, so we all know about the nasty public breakup between Max Cavalera and the band Sepultura, a band which he founded and fronted for 15 years, but the breakup left fans wondering whether both parties would continue. So here comes the debut release of Cavalera's new band Soulfly, beating the remaining members of Sepultura to the punch with a solid effort, months before the band issues something new to the metal masses. This is a groove-dosed assemblage of hardcore/metallic ideas that shake the very foundations on which you stand upon, my friends. After several listens, it isn't hard to hear the influence of the last Sepultura record here, as Cavalera once again teamed up with producer Ross Robinson to help him vent his anger and rhythmic ideas into one ball of fury. The self-titled LP somewhat takes off and continues where Max ended his Sepultura career, music based upon the ideals of fusing together metallic riffs, hard core attitude and world beat visions. The end result? Stunning. While some fans of Sepultura (especially those who disliked _Roots_) will see some change here within the ways Cavalera presents his sounds, the intensity and real down-to-earth feel of his music still shines. This isn't contrived ideas pushed forth by the growing music scene. These are ideas and messages vented through heavy-based music. Cavalera knows how to deliver some of the most killer grooves, most noted with Soulfly numbers like "Fire", "Prejudice" (featuring Benji from DubWar) and the kick-ass deliverance of "The Song Remains Insane". Rather than vent his anger at the split (though Cavalera does admit the song "Eye for an Eye" covers that topic), Soulfly pretty much strides in a direction of mixed emotions and bombastic beats spurned on by the ideals of the Brazilian culture. In all honesty, this is a great record and a deserved accomplishment by a musician who has believed so much in himself and his goals for such a long time. Cavalera has not failed his fans here with Soulfly and it seems like his future is destined to be successful while his career as a performer has pretty much started from the ground up again. Soulfly delivers the goods as most fans would expect Cavalera to do so and that alone is reason enough to get your hands on this.

(article published 13/4/1998)

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