Bongzilla - _Methods For Attaining Extreme Attitudes_
(Relapse, 1998)
by: Adrian Bromley (5 out of 10)
By the name of the band alone you should have a good idea what kind of music this quartet plays. That's right, pot smokers, here is another band to smoke up to. _MfAEA_ is a small dose (3-song EP) of pot-influenced songs about (what else?) Marijuana. Just look at the song titles -- "MELOVESPOT", "High Like A Dog" and "Smoke / I Love MaryJane" -- and you get a pretty good idea how Bongzilla spend most of their free time. While the songs may be heavy as fuck, overflowing with distortion and odd musical arrangements, it pretty much lacks in the creative department. Think of this as a second rate Neurosis/Melvins band. The only thing creative about Bongzilla are the band member names (Killer Kola Killer, The Big "Bud" Man, Magma Mota and Sensi Spanky) and even that may be a stretch. Potheads unite. All others may want to sample this, but might be better off going to the other side of the room.

(article published 10/3/1998)

11/16/2003 X Hoose 6.5 Bongzilla - Gateway
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