Unnatural - _Throne of Anguish_
(Qabalah, 1997)
by: Paul Schwarz (6 out of 10)
Unnatural have a good MCD here. They play death metal in the vein of the mighty (and now sadly deceased) Carcass and, although only capturing this band's brilliance in fleeting moments, still create a solid, well produced MCD. _ToA_ has everything you need out of a death metal release: agression, poise, heavy production. What Unnatural really lack, and desperately need, is something else. In death metal's heydey, this MCD might have been on par with good bands, but, quite frankly, this has all been done before either as well as or better than Unnatural do it on _ToA_. With many bands (Cryptopsy, Vader, Deceased to name but a few) still producing riveting stuff, Unnatural will need to catch up -and- jump ahead if they want to justify their existence.

(article published 10/3/1998)

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