Amon Amarth - _Once Sent from the Golden Hall_
(Metal Blade, 1998)
by: Drew Snow (7 out of 10)
I really loved Amon Amarth's debut MCD on Pulverized Records, _Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds_; the album's mix of harmony with death and black metal was a seamless integration. However, on their new release for Metal Blade, Amon Amarth take a turn further towards death metal as this album is -much- heavier than _STtNW_, although not quite as good. The melodic riffing is still there, creating a sense of urgency in the songs and framing the rest of the elements nicely, but something is occasionally missing. Whereas the MCD had a tremendous musical impact and was truly excellent in many respects, _OSftGH_ lacks the consistency of its predecessor. The best songs on the MCD were totally epic, not in length but in feeling, but on this most recent album that sense seems to be gone, and the best songs on _OSftGH_ can't really compare at all to the MCD. This isn't a total condemnation of the album (in fact, it's quite good), but it's really just not up to the standard set by _Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds_. _Once Sent from the Golden Hall_ is a quality album, but it's simply not Amon Amarth's best work.

(article published 10/3/1998)

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