Sorhin - _I Det Glimrande Morkrets Djup_
(Near Dark Prod., 1997)
by: Alvin Wee (9 out of 10)
Having thoroughly enjoyed Sorhin's earlier material, it was without hesitation that I picked up a copy of their latest offering. I have to admit to feeling a little disappointed when the first strains of "Godhetens Fall" first assaulted my eardrums. Gone was the raw evilness that pervaded the promo tape (I missed the MCD), which was replaced instead by well-produced and polished music. Don't jump to conclusions here; I was brought humbly to my senses soon enough and realized that this is one slab of top-quality darkness. Bearing unmistakable marks of Swedish technicality and melody, Sorhin fuses ultramodern black metal aggression with occasional sprinklings of folk-tinged hooks. While the music, for the most part, lacks innovation, they amply make up for it by interpolating highly engaging twists into each track -- just as you're about to fall into an abyss of reverie, that snappy tempo-change or razor-sharp hook just sinks its claws into you. Obsessed with death, darkness and depression, Sorhin belt out chunk after chunk of immensely enjoyable guitar-based black metal which makes for a highly recommended piece of structured mayhem. For me, Sorhin will always be one of the leading Swedish acts, and by no means should fans of the Swedish style miss this.

(article published 5/2/1997)

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