Manowar - _Hell On Wheels Live_
(Universal, 1997)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
Many metal fans call Manowar cheesy, but, then again, those are non-fans of the band. Fans who worship this band are the real metal heads. They, like Manowar, believe in sticking to your guns, avoiding trends and cranking the music loud. Fuck the mainstream and do what you wanna do. Striving forth with pure metal intensity for almost two decades and proudly waving the 'metal' flag, Manowar finally delivers their first ever live recording. The live record (two Cds) follows the band on their Hell On Wheels world tour (1996-1997), with all the material here recorded from their many tour dates in Europe. What? No good North American / South American dates to find way on the double-LP? So... how does the loud Manowar sound on record? Pretty good, I must say, and there really are some captivating moments here. Real power and a real 'metal' attitude storms out of every song. Sure singer Eric Adams' voice cracks a few times, and the music seems to flutter in and out at times, but what do you expect? This album was recorded from the board with problems intact. No touchups or cleaning up the sound in the studio. This is just Manowar live, as you would experience it. Hell, even the band in the linear notes say they wanted the double-LP to have the listeners feel like they were at the concert. Mission accomplished. A good helping of material from all of the quartet's albums from over the years, which my personal faves being live renditions of "Return of the Warlord", "Manowar" and "Blood Of My Enemies". Metal -- live and in-yer-face. Enjoy, metal heads.

(article published 5/2/1997)

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