Limbonic Art - _In Abhorrence Dimentia_
(Nocturnal Art, 1997)
by: Drew Snow (9 out of 10)
Finally, another high quality black metal album. Following up on their stellar 1996 debut _Moon in the Scorpio_, Limbonic Art strike again with another fantastic hour-long opus of monumental, atmospheric, at times majestic black metal. Picking up where _MitS_ left off, Norwegian tandem Daemon and Morfeus once again pour on the imposing keyboard melodies, this time more varied in approach, arrangement, and sound, showing a definite progression. Whether striking a dissonant, 20th century sounding chord, showcasing a little synth-flute embellishment, or utilizing a cosmic, spaced out timbre, Limbonic Art undoubtedly know how to manipulate the keys to their (and the listener's) liking. Something that was missing from the previous album, a strong guitar presence, has at least been partly added to the mix on _IAD_, as the guitars, while rarely the backbone of the pieces, do play an enlarged role over last time. Probably the biggest improvement over _MitS_, however, is the increase in musical themes, and subsequent decrease in repetition; whereas the songs on _MitS_ were, despite their epic playing time, relatively easy to follow mainly stemming from their sheer repetitive (dis)qualities, the song arrangements and progression from beginning to end seem more complex and diverse. Basically, Limbonic Art have condensed the material and songs into less drawn-out, better developed works, essentially allowing themselves to write more music in the same amount of time. Once again present are some pretty obviously synthetic drums, but rather than let that hurt them, Limbonic Art take it to their advantage, creating some insanely, constantly fast drum lines I doubt many humans could play. Plus, the addition of some short, industrial-inspired drum patterns only enhance the album's depth. Not the best black metal album of 1997, that honor is bestowed upon Obtained Enslavement's _Witchcraft_, but easily within the top five.

(article published 5/2/1997)

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