Katatonia - _Sounds of Decay_
(Century Media, 1997)
by: Pedro Azevedo (10 out of 10)
Very few albums had such an immediately powerful effect upon me as the first full-length from Katatonia, the immortal _Dance of December Souls_. And extremely few bands manage to vividly portray extreme sorrow through their music as well as Katatonia. _Dance of December Souls_ is indeed a piece of superb musical and emotional quality that was engraved in the minds of those who listened and understood it, and whose view of music was never to be the same again thereafter. _For Funerals to Come..._, an EP with a meaning of its own (as opposed to today's numerous hollow, money-making EPs), and _Brave Murder Day_, which featured the presence of Opeth's extraordinary vocalist Mikael Akerfeldt for the first time in addition to outstanding artwork, continued Katatonia's history of expectable quality. Now arrives the _Sounds of Decay_ EP, which features the same line-up from _BMD_ as Akerfeldt still does guest vocals (for the last time, unfortunately, as it seems). Three new songs, all above the six minute mark and similar in style to _Brave Murder Day_. Whether they're even better or not, I can't tell, but they're indeed excellent. One difference that stands out right away is that the drum sound is better than on _BMD_. As ever before, Katatonia have kept the quality level extremely high throughout the EP, which proves to be no disappointment for any Katatonia fan. Enthralling.

(article published 5/2/1997)

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