The Moon and the Nightspirit - _Holdrejtek_
(Prophecy Productions, 2014)
by: Chaim Drishner (8 out of 10)
Agnes and Mihaly, if I may, know basically one thing: they know how to deliver beautiful music that transcends culture, country, religion, environment and musical taste. Their music is beautiful everywhere, any day, in any mood or season. Now signed to the prestigious Prophecy Productions, this magnificent duo's fifth album to date is a continuation of their 2011 opus _Mohalepte_, but this time the music has become even more tranquil, exquisite and ethereal.

The Moon and the Nightspirit play the most amazing folk music, mixing Hungarian folklore with modern classical. The instruments are basically all acoustic and unplugged, some of which are rather exotic (dulcimer, harp, kalimba) and some more traditional. There's a whining violin, a magical acoustic guitar, some bewitching percussion rhythms and above all presiding is the angelic voice of Agnes Toth, the female half of the duo, who's not only the owner of an amazing voice, but also a talented musician who handles at least five different musical instruments -- vocals not included.

This music, so gentle yet so powerful, has the quality of a good story-teller. Like sitting around a campfire in a dark, springtime night, the air is pungent with the breeze and the sweet smell of fruit it carries, and listening, mesmerized, to a good story being told by someone who has told a story or two, in his long, long life.

I don't know Hungarian, and although the band have been thoughtful enough to offer us a glimpse into their lyrical and thematic world by translating all the texts into English, you'd be advised to leave the reading alone and concentrate on the music itself and the stories it conjures. It will open your imagination, showing you sights of pure beauty you haven't thought your mind is capable of imagining; a walk in a lush orchard, the trees heavy with fruit of all sizes, color, shapes and smells; a place to put your weary head in, a momentary escape to sanity and clarity, amidst all the crazy shit and blurred vision this world of humans is offering us, slaves to the grind.


(article published 16/2/2015)

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