Mother of Millions - _Human_
(Turkey Vulture Records, 2014)
by: Chaim Drishner (7 out of 10)
The number of bands playing progressive rock / metal we can actually relate to could be counted on the fingers of two hands, at best; and no, Dream Theater is definitely not one of them. Rush, Mercury Rising, Need, Everon and probably a couple more, one of which would have to be Mother of Millions -- a band of five musicians hailing from Greece, _Human_ being their maiden full length studio recording.

_Human_ displays an impressive eclectic interpretation of the progressive rock / metal movement's distinctive style, balancing well between the aggression and the delicate melodious attributes. The guitars are thrashing and punchy, the drum work interesting and powerful, the keyboards are well articulated but never predominant, and the vocalist sits well in middle ground between mayhem and contemplative solace, his clear voice soaring and epic, matching the music well.

_Human_ excels in a very persuasive songwriting ability, practicing tempo changes and rock 'n' roll aesthetics variations; the music ranges from the most laid back progressive rock ballads to the more upbeat thrash / power metal insinuations; some nice folk rock / Americana / Southern rock interludes were also thrown in this already intriguing mixture of colors, flavors and sounds.

The gripping, tight compositions, albeit nowhere near being extreme, have the ability to summon some healthy curiosity even among the extreme music aficionados; the music has innate dark undercurrents, a mild streak of malevolence that runs its course throughout the album's length -- couple that with the excellent songs on display, the majestic rock tunes and the myriad of styles that coalesce into one voice, and you have got yourself quite an aural, enveloping experience.

There's no shredding here and no redundant instrument noodling; the execution is so tight and beautiful, these technical attributes -- that more often than not serve as a hallmark for progressive metal -- are inconsequential in the face of the sheer compositional artistry.

So, whether you're a fan of Rush, Mercury Rising's exciting _Building Rome_ or Everon's fantastic album from year 2000, _Fantasma_ (or even if you dig Nevermore), you are well advised to give _Human_ a try; furthermore, if you can appreciate good and powerful music, listening to _Human_ by no means will leave you indifferent, or so we very much hope...

Additionally, the packaging is of high quality, comprising four panel cardboard sleeve, an inner sleeve for the CD itself and a booklet containing strong texts dealing with inner struggles and existential issues of the mind and soul. The artwork is austere and simple, never disclosing the true nature of the sonic wonders this album contains.


(article published 22/7/2014)

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