Sisilisko - _Waldeinsamkeit_
(Independent, 2014)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
Swedish duo Sisilisko, comprised of Albin Boman and Peter Engqvist, conjure a unique and bewitching voice on _Waldeinsamkeit_, one that speaks to you from the depths of murky woods. Harnessing an unusual take on doom metal and dark folk elements, Sisilisko seem uncannily certain of where they wish to go with their music -- which is especially remarkable as they remain an independent act. There is absolutely nothing amateurish about the music on _Waldeinsamkeit_ though, nor about its production and presentation. This is a genuinely surprising and impressive collection of four consistent songs that I have found myself repeatedly going back to.

Acoustic and electric guitar are woven together masterfully with intelligently applied atmospheric effects, while the varied and expressive vocals constantly carry the musical narrative forward. The vocals bear a strong emotional vibe that requires no overwrought dramatics, something that can be very tricky to achieve. There is real songwriting talent at work here, and the thoughtfulness and skill to fulfil that potential. The songs seem under no pressure to hurry up, pander to trends or deliver a specific result; character seems to come naturally and almost effortlessly to each composition. They neither strive to please the listener as much as possible, nor appear fashionably inaccessible.

_Waldeinsamkeit_ was a complete surprise for me, proving that there always remains some great undiscovered talent out there. Make sure you pay a visit to their neck of the woods when you can; you may find it such a welcoming place for a weary traveller that you will never wish to leave.


(article published 18/6/2014)

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