Section 37 - _Legion_
(Aesthetic Death Records, 2013)
by: Chaim Drishner (7 out of 10)
You can't but appreciate Aesthetic Death Records' varied tastes and open-mindedness when it comes to the label's roster and release history: from bizarre black metal (Fleurety) to trip-hop industrial dark jazz (Haiku Funeral), anything this label has been releasing is marked with high quality, be it its sludge releases or funeral doom records, and if we to ignore some inconsequential glitches in the label's discography, you are left with a superior body of music that excels almost on every account, be it the metallic or the electronic/experimental side of the coin; which brings us to Section 37.

'Section 37' refers to section 37 of the mental health act, which deals with the forced institutionalization of the criminally insane; makes sense, since Section 37, the band, are obsessed over issues such as death, infanticide, serial killers, sociopaths and everything in between.

Basically, if you love VNV Nation, you will definitely dig Section 37's _Legion_, as it is more or less a darker, more downbeat, less danceable version of any given album in VNV Nation's extensive discography, especially if you happen to also like Front Line Assembly and their way of eclecticism exhibited on their various records, mixing sheer electronica with industrial metal, spoken citations that correspond with rap, an abundance of samples and studio gimmickry and cold atmosphere. Case in point? Think of Front Line Assembly's _Millennium_ album, and you'll understand. However, Section 37 are devoid of any metallic aspirations, and rather than accentuating any form of guitar distortion (or a sample of such), the band focus on pure keyboard driven electronica.

Movie samples are a must here, be they actual movies or a figment of the band's imagination; in any case, this electronic oddity is very much cinematic in essence and artistic, in that it progresses through unconventional electronic paradigms, through which the band offer not a steady-state, one-dimensional, constant electronic beat around which everything revolves and mildly evolves, but rather a rich mixture of stand-alone tracks that are very different from each other and are not without a certain dramatic, intricate, non-dogmatic, perverse vibe running throughout the recording like a crimson thread, binding all tracks under one gloomy, death-indulging, mechanical roof, where sweet sounds and depraved atmospheres herald our cold tomorrows in a non-linear fashion.

Aficionados of the aforementioned bands who look for something different and rather interesting in the darker, left-field realms of electronica, should give this album a try. Echoing the likes of Wumpscut, Anne Clark, Test Department and This Frozen Autumn, every lover of the darker edges of electronica must give _Legions_ a chance. Even though the recording is less avantgarde in nature, when compared to Section 37's label mates Haiku Funeral, and inherently less metallic, it is however an intelligent excursion through the minds of inspired musicians obsessed with serial killers and all things wretched and vile -- and those very unhealthy sentiments thickly ooze and convincingly emanate from the loudspeakers while _Legion_ works its black, robotic magic on the listener.

"My Name Is LEGION, For We Are Many..."


(article published 10/4/2014)

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