Hypnos - _The Fall_
(Independent, 2013)
by: Chaim Drishner (8.5 out of 10)
France has long since become the stronghold of today's post/atmospheric hardcore scene, spawning, for at least a decade, some of the style's most renowned and prominent bands, such as Dirge, Overmars, Year of No Light and now, hailing from the city of Lyon, Hypnos; a band that can be put on the same pedestal of quality, atmosphere and vehement doom-like heaviness, alongside the aforementioned purveyors of excellence in ambient enormity.

Hypnos bring nothing new to the table really, but the sheer conviction and unadulterated, articulated force with which they play and the emotional burden they release in the process, are so rare, that their performance and sound can overshadow most metal bands out there, easily.

_The Fall_ is a massive, epic recording that blends so well both the meditative and the destructive moments of American veteran peers Neurosis, with a French distinctive, atmospheric twist. In other words, _The Fall_ is where finesse and brutality meet; where heartfelt extravaganza and sorrowful, searing hatred converge. At times Hypnos sound like the French prodigy Dirge, at other times like Overmars or Swiss doomcore mongers Rorcal, the music is always captivating and grand; grand? Colossal.

Using the basic rock and metal instruments, Hypnos are capable of creating some beautiful, mentally wrecking melodies burdened with mephitic anger and wrist slicing sadness; the lead guitar, the passages, the ritualistic rhythm section, all coalesce into some fine songwriting capabilities and non-dogmatic song structures that hammer the listener to the floor with their sheer sonic weight.

The atmosphere that is generated in the process, as the songs progress heavily, slowly, majestically, is that of a dark metal approach; case in point, imagine a heavier, more hostile, keyboard-less version of Samael's _Passage_, if you had to compare. But make no mistakes here: _The Fall_ has as much in common with post-rock driven atmospheric hardcore as it has with the dark metal prototypical sound, while the excellent low growling / low hissing screamer tips the scales toward the hardcore end of the spectrum.

Not since Swedish Kongh's 2006 stupendous demo has this reviewer listened to such an accomplished, complete and articulated self-release -- with a perfect production and perfect songs to match, all accentuated through musical capabilities, instrument handling and an all encompassing atmosphere -- as what's been portrayed on this voluptuous debut magnum opus.

Remember these masters of disaster, for great(er) things are in store for them and for non mainstream music in general, and above all: get this album now!

Contact: http://www.hypnosband.com

(article published 10/4/2014)

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