Sadus - _Chronicles Of Chaos_
(Mascot, 1997)
by: Paul Schwarz (5 out of 10)
Some choose to use words like "legendary" and "groundbreaking" to describe Sadus' work to date. These words do not describe my feelings about Sadus after hearing _CoC_: "average" and "painfully out of date" are the words that I find spring to mind. _CoC_ is 17 tracks culled from Sadus' deleted three album back-catalogue. Apparently this is Sadus at their best, and I am not suitably impressed. Tracks like "Certain Death" and "Undead", from their 1988 debut, may have sounded fresh at the time, and Sadus' speed and technicality, especially with Steve DiGiorgio on bass, probably compensated for their lack of variety and their vocalist's lack of talent. Then we arrive at track 12. It is 1992. Death metal has begun its reign of terror, and more is expected of Sadus, who are on to their third album. Sadus do not deliver the goods, though: lack of variation still plagues them, and despite adding touches of _Human_ era Death, these tracks could be from the same album. Unless you like your metal unvaried and really fast (and you want 70 minutes of really fast, unvaried metal), I would not recommend _CoC_.

(article published 1/1/1998)

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