P.O.V. Secondhand - _Fraction Of Faith_
(Diehard, 1997)
by: Paul Schwarz (7 out of 10)
This is quite a talented band who write catchy goth-rock songs. The only band I can think of who also play goth music and don't make me sick to my stomach is Type O Negative, and although not as good, POV Secondhand possess talent and stand out from the 'crowd'. What POV Secondhand lack is a good enough mix between heaviness and melody, something TON have down to a 'T'. The drum and keyboard parts display POVS' 80s goth influences at times, but I found some odder points of reference. In "Today" the band almost play -the- riff to G'N'R's "Civil War", and they close the song with the theme tune to Quantum Leap. The singer sounds identical to Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam) on some tracks, while other tracks sound disturbingly like Irish folk, which really doesn't work in my view. Although not really my taste, I don't feel compelled to hate this record. I won't listen to it again myself, but if you want something to accompany your old Sisters of Mercy records (if you have any), then I'd say _FoF_ wouldn't be a bad addition to your collection.

(article published 1/1/1998)

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