(drama) - _Zastor Tišine_
(Altsphere Production, 2012)
by: Chaim Drishner (9 out of 10)
Dues should be paid and this review is long overdue, so I should be paying dues to Altsphere Production and apologizing for not reviewing this album much sooner. After listening carefully to _Zastor Tišine_, I must say I regret not giving this album the time it needed, thus refraining for many months from enjoying its musical content.

On their debut album _Zastor Tišine_, Croatian doomsters (drama) offer some of the most convincing, intriguing and creative old-school doom/death around. Now, creative retro doom/death may sound like an oxymoron, but somehow these guys have managed to create an album that is interesting, without breaking any molds; I assure you this album is among the best out there. They only mildly add extra ingredients to their gentle yet insidious death/doom dish, but even if we ignore those, the very basic (almost skeletal) melodious and slow death metal on display is rather adventurous, due to the brilliant choice of riffs, atmospherics and a fitting production. This elevates the music from a plain derivative product of an over-populated, often dispassionate and boring sub-genre where nothing too exciting is happening, to a fascinating and captivating artistic endeavour, sung in the band's native language and sounding like nothing you have heard in that specific stylistic school, even though _Zastor Tišine_ echoes many, many albums by highly celebrated bands.

I cannot put my finger on which band's sound reminds me of the style, song structure, array of riffs, overall sound and ambiance created by this anonymous band via their tool of brilliance that is _Zastor Tišine_, but I can definitely recommend it to anyone who's into quality folky, reflective, thoughtful, highly melodic yet abrasive, non-cliché-ridden doom-oriented death metal, as this debut mirrors the full creative powers of metal's thinking man; ingenious, full of mystery and otherworldly moments, enveloped by an old-school-ish production that will make most bands green with envy.

This album comes as highly recommended for fans of Silent Stream of Godless Elegy, Morgion's _Solinari_ and probably also of My Dying Bride's most majestic moments captured on the band's early recordings.

Contact: http://altsphere.com/en/

(article published 30/6/2013)

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