Anathema - _Weather Systems_
(Kscope / The End, 2012)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7 out of 10)
How high is your threshold for contentment and peaceful resignation in your music? If it is significantly higher than that required by Anathema's previous output _We're Here Because We're Here_, then there should be no reason why the fine songs on _Weather Systems_ might fail to impress or even resonate with you. Much to my regret though, I find that in my case about half this album not so much reaches as smashes its face into that threshold, turning what might have been an excellent record into a middling one.

On _Weather Systems_, Anathema have taken what many will likely deem a logical step forward after _We're Here Because We're Here_. However, it seems to me it struggles to find balance -- not to mention interesting new ideas that don't involve realizing all over again that it really is nice and sunny outside and all is well in human existence if only you can open your mind. Their last album used some positive feelings really well; this new one overdoes it.

The album starts reasonably well, but the three songs that make up the middle part of the album are the worst offenders in my view. "The Beginning and the End" is the only real highlight for me, although parts of "Untouchable" and "The Lost Child" come close. Even closer "Internal Landscapes" seems little more than a reprise of elements that have been used by the band before. Really well crafted and tasteful music all the way through however you look at it, certainly; but as far as this particular band goes, a lot more is expected to happen that transcends the music itself. While I can imagine that happening with this album for some listeners, unfortunately that's not my case; so this time I remain on the outside looking in.

(article published 27/11/2012)

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