Septic Mind - _The True Call_
(Solitude Productions, 2011)
by: Chaim Drishner (8 out of 10)
A year after releasing the monumental debut _Beginning_, Septic Mind has unleashed another mind-boggling, three-track, almost-one-hour-long monstrosity upon us; arguably, the band has progressed in terms of song writing ideas and the incorporation of foreign elements into their funereal metallic art; others would probably state the band has undergone through a process of devolution, delivering a much more stripped-down, earthly, material and crude funeral doom.

You see, Septic Mind is anything but mundane: its sonic art could be interpreted in more than one way; the multitude of its grey shades is deceiving and irrational; the musical material here can be used both as a substance for nightmares as well as dreams fertilizer. The psychedelic backbone of the band's whining guitars and its enigmatic allure towards Pink Floyd-ish vibes, coupled with the extravagant exhibition of the band's peculiar, monolithic-yet-graceful brand of funeral doom, generate something that is alienating yet strangely familiar; this music will deceive your ears with waves of strange blackened colours and frequencies that are otherworldly.

The ones who would probably think _The True Call_ is more primitive an album than the band's debut, are not altogether mistaken, due to the fact the music lends an impression of acute desolation, achieved by the bleak yet beautiful and cleverly designed music, executed via the use of gigantic guitar sound and phenomenal monstrous vocals. The outcome reeks of extreme emptiness, and all that remains are the devouring sonic waves of the guitars and the growls, reverberating inside the walls of one's skull.

The album is comprised of three long, long tracks (that by no means will bore the living shit out of you even for a single moment!), each constructed by the skillful hands of the engineers and architects of funeral doom metal; and this album is indeed -metal-, through and through, succumbing not to the traps and pits of the ethereal and gentle side of funeral doom, namely the ambient or droning elements; this album has got atmosphere in abundance yet it stays rooted so deep in the metallic culture, delivering such heavyweight music, it is almost scary. Beauty, ugliness and the (almost) endless potential of metal are all on display here, showcasing the bottomless vastness of human creativity.

_The True Call_ is one of the best albums released in the year 2011, and since years and dates mean nothing in the realm of good music (which is eternal and timeless anyway), it is never, ever too late to grab a copy of this beautiful and strange album. You are well advised to do so ASAP.


(article published 29/7/2012)

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