Beneath the Massacre - _Incongruous_
(Prosthetic Records, 2012)
by: Aly Hassab El Naby (2 out of 10)
What if Charlie from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and my friend Zohair were driving around lost in a city they didn't know? What if I used sushi as an appetizer for a tomato-based Okra stew? What would it sound like if Cult of Luna did their own stretched out rendition of Pie Are Squared's "Forever and a Day"?

You see, this is the kind of random shit I found myself thinking about when I was listening to Beneath the Massacre's new album _Incongruous_. It is that unengaging. None of the eleven sorry excuses for tracks that they've put on this record makes any kind of sense. At one point, I actually slowed them down on VLC to try to catch if there's anything sensible hidden in the midst of this storm of blasting, shredding and growling, but alas, there was none.

I can't find a reason to tell you about what you may like about certain tracks or what kind of arrangements or shifts are being done on some other tracks. If you voluntarily listen to this album after reading this -- although I wouldn't know why you would -- you'll find nothing but absolutely mechanical death metal. You will not be treated to anything artistic or creative or intelligent. The whole thing adds up to thirty-one minutes which means the tracks are all less than four minutes long and there is absolutely no distinction between them. The guitars keep on either shredding the solos or repeating a pattern of dull notes to form a riff.

Another factor that contributes to this exceptionally low score given above -- a score that I've only given to Morbid Angel's atrocious _Illud Divinum Insanus_-- is that this album comes four years after 2008's below-par _Dystopia_. Continuous touring and jamming can do any band a lot of good if they sustain a line-up and stay focused on how they want to sound like. Having said that, I find myself wondering how the guys from Beneath the Massacre used their time as a band to come up with something new. I honestly can't find any differences between _Dystopia_ and _Incongruous_ in terms of musicianship, vocals and production. It seems to me like they haven't used their time wisely.


(article published 2/4/2012)

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