Vortex - _Rockdrill_
(Cyclic Law, 2011)
by: Chaim Drishner (4.5 out of 10)
You really need to have a talent in order to be able to screen off the "music" from the bullshit in this recording, mainly because it is full of the latter and poor on the former.

Vortex deliver mostly experimental random sounds, unappealing, devoid of interest, almost arbitrary, flaked with some ritualistic, pulsating, hypnotic, quasi-industrial sounds whose coherence and mild sense of melody could be attributed, loosely, to the concept of music.

From the thumping martial cyclical rhythms to the enigmatic keyboard work, bits and pieces of this recording indeed contain and generate some kind of reclusive, dark atmosphere, aided by sounds one can relate with and enjoy.

In between those ritual, industrially-inclined soundscapes, there's a great emptiness of the familiar "dark ambient" shtick; a completely uninteresting, non-engaging, stereotypical dark ambient mumbo jumbo sonic filler of sorts, having none of the darkness qualities, while generating no substantial ambient qualities the listener could hold onto and explore, either.

_Rockdrill_ is almost your typical boring, inconsequential, uninspired electronica album with little to offer; the brief moments of mercy contained within are nothing to boast about or take to the bank.

The martial Industrial edge the album seldom touches is a welcome move in the right direction; the problem is it strays off the very same route it was taking a moment earlier, only to dwindle and reduce itself into incoherent, inconsistent musical nonsense. The artist behind Vortex is generating a feeling of consciously ruining for himself (and for the listener, of course) the budding enjoyment of the "music", by abruptly killing all and every rhythm and musicality, while substituting them with "ambient" sonic blathering, instead.

Vortex's _Rockdrill_ is strictly for fans of the style, or for hyper active individuals who need their boredom pill in order to relax and doze off, chemicals-free.

If you need your fix of quality electronic music, seek elsewhere.

Contact: http://www.cycliclaw.com/

(article published 15/1/2012)

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