Her Tortured Embrace - _A Car Crash Fascination_
(Independent, 2011)
by: Aly Hassab El Naby (7 out of 10)
Australian prog-metal group Her Tortured Embrace makes its first appearance in the real world with its debut EP _A Car Crash Fascination_. It's an EP that crosses the thirty minute mark which has become almost standard for this type of release these days, but this one is not a standard EP per se. The whole thing is one coherent piece of music that is divided into six tracks for the sake of mere convenience. In reality, you shouldn't listen to any of them individually, because none of them would make sense on its own. Tempo changes are all over the place, and so are the changes in vocal styles. Typical metalcore-style vocals are more obvious than any other kind, especially when coupled with the slightly unadventurous clean vocals, but that would be my usual nitpicking.

_A Car Crash Fascination_ is definitely an effort that requires multiple listens to sink in, and that is a commendable achievement on its own. Then only after sufficient digestion can one start to see a clear view of how it actually comes over. Musically speaking, prog-metal would be the most adequate tag, because almost nothing gets repeated over the course of the thirty-three minutes. The musical journey keeps progressing forward and gradually reveals some interesting moments of bass brilliance and drumming intelligence (especially on the hi-hat). In addition to the individual talent one can enjoy on this record, there is a frequent use of odd time signatures which ups the level of technicality a bit more.

Of course this theme of not repeating anything doesn't give one a sense of structure, and the extra variety added from all instruments can make things very confusing. Also, as I've said before, the vocals in general would be the thing I'd criticize the most, because they sound so much like that guy we've all heard before with that band we've all heard before. Nevertheless, _A Car Crash Fascination_ is a thirty-three minute roller coaster that sounds like there's been a lot of effort put into it, which earns these lads from Melbourne a tip of the hat. _A Car Crash Fascination_ will force you to listen to it again; take that however you like.

Contact: http://www.hertorturedembrace.com/

(article published 8/12/2011)

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