Jungle Rot - _Kill on Command_
(Victory Records, 2011)
by: Aaron McKay (7.5 out of 10)
The first thing that potentially springs to one's mind when reading or hearing Jungle Rot's title for their brand new release, _Kill on Command_, very well could be stompy thrash brutality of Vio-lence's song from 1998's _Eternal Nightmare_. As it turns out, not a wholly inaccurate deduction. Both are intensely riffy, choppy and loaded stem to stern with pounding rhythms. Certainly not a bad jumping off point to explore the new Jungle Rot offering.

This Wisconsin-based four piece band has earned the reputation as one of the more dedicated, devoted and persevering bands on the scene. Having pulled a lot of talent from previous members through the band's line-up over the years, it is no wonder there exists at least -some- sense of freshness to Jungle Rot's style that otherwise may have gone completely stale over more than a decade and a half.

Much like Peter from Vader (or Sean Killian of Vio-lence), Jungle Rot framer / lead growler / guitarist Dave Matrise's style leaves little room for guessing as to what outfit is shredding through your speaker cones. This is Jungle Rot's eighth studio album, and while nowhere near a step forward by any means, _KoC_ is a solid, unembellished follow-up to the 2009's _What Horrors Await_.

The title track, "Bloodties" and "Born of Contagion" from _KoC_ provide proof positive that Jungle Rot is still every bit as relevant to the death metal genre as they ever were. As fans have come to expect from Jungle Rot, no frills, bells and whistles or anything except assertive, aggressive and resolutely combative death metal will be found within _Kill on Command_'s dominating ten tracks. Musical diversity be damned if JR continues to pound out efforts like _KoC_; a thirty-six minute tutorial in salt of the earth, genuine thrashy death metal.

Contact: http://www.jungle-rot.com

(article published 8/12/2011)

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