Warbringer - _Worlds Torn Asunder_
(Century Media, 2011)
by: Aly Hassab El Naby (7 out of 10)
American combat thrashers Warbringer are back with another album that begins with a "w", barely crosses the forty minute mark and contains ten songs. Is it a trend? Or maybe a coincidence? Who cares, it's yet another good piece of thrash for those of us who have the insatiable desire for headbanging. If you are familiar with Warbringer's former work, _Worlds Torn Asunder_ will not really surprise you, but don't take that in a bad way. They're sticking to their core ideology of non-stop thrashing while slightly amping up their musicianship and individual technicality.

I think the most important thing about _Worlds Torn Asunder_ is that Warbringer did not make the mistake of over polishing it like many retro-thrash bands have been doing with their later albums for the past couple of years. The production here is done more by the book than by the technology. The clever break executed by new drummer Carlos Cruz in the middle of "Wake Up... Destroy" clearly forces one to take note of how the snare drum and the toms sound like, while the guitar harmonies on "Future Ages Gone" carry a bit of dust with them to emphasize the retro feeling. SeƱor Cruz also shows off his ample technical abilities on "Savagery" and "Treacherous Tongue" to convince all Warbringer fans that he is a fit replacement for Nic Ritter on the drum throne.

Other cuts like the brilliant "Echoes From the Void", the instrumental "Behind the Veils of Night" and "Living Weapon" are some of the fine examples of Warbringer's improved musicianship, and their incorporation of some slight catchiness that will keep the riffs in the listener's head until he comes back for another listen. Of course in the grand scheme of things, _Worlds Torn Asunder_ is far from reinventing any kind of metal wheel but it does put Warbringer several steps ahead of many of their retro-thrash compatriots; Evile comes to mind. From an artistic standpoint, Warbringer is definitely a band that's improving and they've kept their sound in its range of production quality that makes it sound most flattering, and that's a plus. _Worlds Torn Asunder_ is definitely one of the better albums of 2011.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/warbringer

(article published 1/11/2011)

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