Vader - _Welcome to the Morbid Reich_
(Nuclear Blast Records, 2011)
by: Aaron McKay (9.5 out of 10)
In every way, astonishing! _Welcome to the Morbid Reich_ is every bit as punishingly edgy as anything Vader has done since _De Profundis_ or possibly _Litany_. All the while tightening the production and developing their wickedly attention-grabbing material with its celebrated delivery, Vader hasn't so much as lost a note of their distinguished signature sound.

What sound is that? Unyieldingly driving rhythms? Artfully proficient change-ups? Layered and complex, heavily-cemented chunky yet adrenaline-laced guitar work? Yes, but mostly the nearly instantly recognizable vocal work of founding member, Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek. Peter's style and delivery is as sophisticatedly raw in essence as ever delivering the final throaty production that is inimitable to its very core -- _WttMR_ is certainly no exception.

Clocking-in longer in duration than tracts from 2009's _Necropolis_, _Welcome to the Morbid Reich_ carves up ten cuts of prime, well-aged Vader red meat. Opening the whole feast, a royal passage entitled "Ultima Thule" that spills immediately into the decimatingly powerful title track, whereas later in the release, the triumphant sounding "They Are Coming" bleeds into the incredibly catchy final song.

As only an accomplished band such as the likes of Vader can twist into form such sharply technical solos over passionately driven rhythms that shift from punishingly crushing to speed-of-light fretboard work to (at times) celestial melody; that's hard fought and well earned experience offered up on _Welcome to the Morbid Reich_.

The effort totals nearly thirty-eight minutes of grade A, top shelf Vader desolation; however, the digipak offers two bonus tracks: "Raping the Earth", originally done by Extreme Noise Terror, as well as The Exploited's "Troops of Tomorrow".

The beckoning of Vader's newest invitation, _Welcome to the Morbid Reich_, may very well have reestablished this longstanding Polish outfit's eminence over the death metal empire, of which they have long held an allegiance. For those lucky enough and clamoring to see them in a live setting, Vader joins Gorgoroth on the "Sign of Hell" tour across Europe with two dates in Denmark and two in Sweden beginning 11/03/2011.


(article published 1/11/2011)

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