Sadist - _Crust_
(Displeased, 1997)
by: Paul Schwarz (2 out of 10)
I originally thought _Crust_ was "new and innovative" and that if I expanded my mind I'd understand it. I realised that, in fact, it is just crap. Sadist have "daringly" tried to mix the downtuned riffs of the likes of Korn and Coal Chamber with gothic/darkwave keyboard parts; an interesting idea, but a horrible reality. Like other bands' new albums (Christ Agony, Sacramentum, Grope), _Crust_ also suffers from appalling raspy vocals which are neither extreme nor good. Tribal drumming on "Instinct" and slap bass work on "Fools and Dolts" are the only standouts on what is basically a confused, incoherent and plain idiotic sounding album. The band's claims of "sickness" are not possible to verify without a lyric sheet, and besides, judging by the made-to-offend song titles ("Perversion Lust Orgasm" and "I Rape You"), they're only saying it for the publicity. Ignore Sadist. The only sick thing here is that people wasted time and money recording this.

(article published 17/11/1997)

7/17/1996 B Meloon 9 Sadist - Tribe
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