The Deadists - _Time Without Light_
(Slow Burn Records / Solitude Productions, 2010)
by: Chaim Drishner (6.5 out of 10)
_Time Without Light_ could have been so much better. The Deadists could have been the next big thing after Entombed; and when I mention Entombed, I mean the band's later death 'n' roll era, namely the time between _Morning Star_ and _Serpent Saints_ -- former and latter included, although _Time Without Light_ shares some reference points also with Entombed's 1993 EP _Hollowman_. Personally, I think these were, and still are, monstrous albums, in the utmost positive sense of the word.

The Deadists own the very same Entombed sound: the band's music is met at the crossroads where metal, sludge, groove and rock 'n' roll converge, having that extra shot of ballsy hardcore. The band also owns an almost identical vocal etiquette to that of Entombed's and quite the similar general approach towards music, alternating between the dead serious to the half-comical.

And yet, Entombed it is not. I am not sure what prevents this album from totally registering within the system, but while Entombed's music is likable and rapidly absorbed, making the band's music a piece of cake to embrace and adore, the Deadists are an alienated bunch, distancing the music from becoming fully engaging and enjoyable.

It's either the slightly nonchalant or loose execution of the music, or the neutral stance of the band's style -- standing in middle ground, not breaking molds, not allowing itself to become biased towards a style, a genre, a specific musical agenda, a manifesto of its own -- that leaves the listener with a bland, indecisive opinion toward _Time Without Light_. It could be both.

Nevertheless, this album comes as a positive surprise from a totally anonymous band, as if out of nowhere it popped, and as such it delivers a pretty intense and more than a solid excursion through an updated, post-postmodern version of Entombed's sound and style. Being a sucker for Entombed and most of what this great band has released, I'm easily bought. So in a way I like this album, and the score it gets is based solely on its Entombed reference; and it's definitely a grower.


(article published 30/9/2011)

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