Deep-Pression - _Postmortem (Modlitwa Za Zmarlych)_
(Valse Sinistre Productions, 2011)
by: Chaim Drishner (6.5 out of 10)
So the enigmatic ensemble named Deep-Pression has released yet another pro-CDr scratching almost an hour's worth of "music", yet for some reason still considered an EP. The release corresponds with the band's totally underground, mysterious approach, with no band member photos, no lyrics, obscure and morbid artwork, and of course, a CDr release limited to a very small number of copies.

The band, with a massive discography behind it, has probably recorded its most nationality-bound album to date with _Postmortem_, being full of footnotes of the band's origin -- or at least the origins of its founding member -- i.e. Poland; from the album's subtitle "Modlitwa Za Zmarlych" (meaning "Pray for the Dead"), to the many long citations appearing throughout the album's duration, sort of a eulogy in the Polish language dominating the better part of the recording, coupled always with dark ambient and some distorted guitar backgrounds.

Apparently, there are also some citations in Latin, the one dying language that is always generating awe, mystery and fear like no other language, so why not use it when you have nothing else to do, say or fill your "music" with?

All in all, _ Postmortem (Modlitwa Za Zmarlych) _ captures Deep-Pression's formula in a repeat mode, where any distinctive difference between this and other previous releases by the band has been obliterated by the same aesthetics and the very same approach, showing what could only be regarded as stagnation in the band's creative processes, or the lack thereof, in this case.

These recent Deep-Pression releases pretty much all sound alike, employing reflective loops of spoken verses, electronica and monotonic strumming; generating hopeless, wretched atmosphere drenched in mystery and flirting with tragedy.

It's all there alright, but it is also in any other Deep-Pression release I'm familiar with, so pick any album by this unique entity and dwell into its mysteries and dark treasures; and even if you skip _Postmortem_ while exploring the band's massive discography, you shouldn't lose one single second of sleep over it.


(article published 30/9/2011)

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