Ouroboros - _Glorification of a Myth_
(Independent, 2011)
by: Aly Hassab El Naby (8 out of 10)
Most death metal fans will think of Psycroptic when Australia is mentioned, or Misery if they're a few years older. But the death metal scene on this island nation down under has been expanding for many years, and it has produced a number of very good bands that continue to add merit to their nation's name on the international scene. _Glorification of a Myth_ is the debut full-length release from Ouroboros, an impressive death metal band out of Australia's lustrous city of Sydney, and it's an album that should make all Aussie metal fans proud of their fellow countrymen.

_Glorification of a Myth_ pounds the listener for a whopping fifty-four minutes with a lethal mix of technical riffing, intricate drumming and explosive brutality, as well as a touch of intelligence. As soon as "Black Hole Generator" kicked off, I knew I was in for a vicious treat. "Black Hole Generator" is a dynamic track with swiftly executed tempo changes and interesting lead guitar work; in short, the perfect opening track. The lads sound confident in displaying their technical abilities as musicians and that is shown very clearly on the straightforward "Sea to Summit", the crushing "Dissolved" and the seven minute mosh-fest "Edifice of Tyranny".

Another very impressive aspect to Ouroboros' musicianship is the combination of catchy, melodic riffing and highly technical drumming. "Disembodied Mind" and "Sanctuary" are prime examples of this dual guitar melodic riffing and technically proficient skin pounding. "Lashing of the Flame" has a slightly different aura thanks to its clever use of the triplets, as well as an outstanding melodic section in the middle that gives way to a most intense bludgeon that will instantly get all heads banging frantically.

One would be slightly inclined to dub this positively surprising opus as a "technical" death metal album, but not because it's technical for the sake of blunt technicality like what Origin do. It is because these guys are indeed highly skilled musicians who have put together an album that holds itself quite firmly over its 50 plus minute course. So whether you like your death metal progressive, melodic, technical or just plain old punishing, _Glorification of a Myth_ comes highly recommended to death metal fans the world over.

Contact: http://www.ouroboros.mu

(article published 30/9/2011)

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