Dying Fetus - _History Repeats..._
(Relapse, 2011)
by: Aaron McKay (9.5 out of 10)
There are two ways to look at a "cover" release by a band: they need "new" material out there for public consumption or they want to celebrate and honor pertinent and personal influences. _History Repeats..._ is undeniably in that second grouping for Dying Fetus without discussion. Objections summarily overruled.

Not a lot of ground to cover with these long standing masters of indefensible brutality -- they share the pentacle influence most die-hard fans have in common. Witness now: Cannibal Corpse's "Born in a Casket", Pestilence's "Twisted Truth" (sublimely redone -- listen to guitar passages -- a flawless song selection) and Napalm Death's "Unchallenged Hate". Evidence is crushing.

Where John Gallagher, Trey Williams and Sean Beasley nailed this mini-cover release case shut is the impeccably selected and executed Bolt Thrower cover of 1991's "Unleashed (Upon Mankind)" from _War Master_. Heap an irrefutable cross-examination of Dehumanized 1998's _Prophecies Foretold_ flavored "Fade Into Obscurity" to kick off the release in all of its damn fine, epic opulence. And now pepper the argument with the honorable, respectful majesty of Broken Hope's 1991 _Swamped in Gore_ epic track "Gorehog" ("Bag of Parts" would have been a solid piece of evidence, as well) and summarize it all with the original, to this EP, Dying Fetus forty-two second face-melter entitled "Rohypnol", argument and, for these reasons alone, the defense rests its twenty-two minute watertight case. Own this!

Contact: http://www.dyingfetus.com

(article published 23/7/2011)

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