Exeloume - _Fairytale of Perversion_
(ViciSolum Productions, 2011)
by: Aly Hassab El Naby (6.5 out of 10)
From the looks of it, and by that I mean the album cover, _Fairytale of Perversion_ may look like a gore-influenced grind fest for the metalhead passing by. But that's an assumption at best, and a bad one in fact. Exeloume's debut album contains no grindcore; it is in fact a straight up thrash album served up with some raspy vocals that will have you recalling the veins on Tom Angelripper's forehead. Struggling to find out how to actually pronounce this band's name, I've found out that they come from the city of Trondheim, Norway's capital during the Viking Age, which makes the inherent violence in their music all the more natural.

After the introductory track "Lex Talionis", "Blind Illusion" fires off with a gritty triplet main riff accompanied by some clever drumming which are followed by a crafty guitar solo and a brief stint of blasting. While "Hellhole" may come off as the most technically diverse track on the album, the title track provides a balance with some catchy melodies. Other dynamic cuts like "Ignorance Is Bliss", "Faceless Children" and the sublime "Tool of God" are a few examples of the impressive musicianship on this record and how good of a job Rune Stavensli and Dan Swanö have done producing, mixing and mastering it.

Of course if you're not that metalhead who has upheld thrash metal since his first listen (and how can you not be?), _Fairytale of Perversion_ may not be the random-album-from-unfamous-band of the week for you, and I would be a liar with incinerating pants if I told you that this one is the proverbial "it" of the retro-thrash wave. But if you are the regular thrash aficionado, then you would agree with me on how meteorologically appropriate this straightforward thrash album sounds right now. In a city that's getting exponentially hotter each week, these Norwegians are surprisingly hitting the perfect spot with their rampant and aggressive thrash.

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/exeloumethrash

(article published 26/6/2011)

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