Niden Div. 187 - _Impergium_
(Necropolis, 1997)
by: Drew Snow (9 out of 10)
Once again, the musical embodiment of total violence and aggression returns, in the form of Niden Div. 187. After proving with last year's MCD _Towards Judgment_ that they were among the fiercest bands on the planet, ND187 further entrench themselves with _Impergium_, a 26 minute bludgeoning of total fucking speed, hate, and yes, great music. Usually we connect the description "hyperspeed nihilistic black metal" with the phrase "unskilled, unstructured piece of shit for music." Not so with ND187: with members of Dawn, A Canorous Quintet, and Thy Primordial handling the reigns, this quartet certainly is lacking neither in playing nor composing ability. Indeed, what we get are ten tracks of some of the most extreme, anti-trend, conflagrational whirlwinds of musical chaos that anyone has ever heard. Niden Div. 187 is not music for meek ears; if you thought that the riffing on the latest Dream Theater album was just too harsh for your tastes, ND187 probably won't be up your alley. The machine-gun sound of the drums, courtesy of our friend Morth, combined with the razor-edged riffing of Leo Pignon and horribly tortured vocals by Henke Forss, constitute an unyielding wall of sound that begs for your attention. Unfortunately, as a result of the similar structure of every song (read: total blast almost entire album), things predictably get a little samey, though never boring. However, this is never really a problem, considering the songs are all in the one to four minute range. Besides which, the incisive, scythe-like riffing and haunting samples (check out track eight, "Hate") more than over shadow this slight detractor. Basically, if crushing, ultra-fast blackened death metal is what you're after, the vitriolic compositions of Niden Div. 187 should more than suffice.

(article published 17/11/1997)

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