Nattvindens Grat - _Chaos Without Theory_
(Solistitium, 1997)
by: Andrew Lewandowski (6 out of 10)
I always do my best to avoid even looking at, let alone analyzing, album and song titles, but Nattvindens Grat has committed consumer fraud by entitling their album _Chaos Without Theory_. Although I didn't frivolously consume any seconds of thought by deciphering a theory within this foray into paganized NWOBHM, the album completely lacks any semblance of "chaos". Actually, this is the least chaotic metal album that I've heard in quite a while. (You might then ask yourself, "Well, why is this being reviewed in _Chronicles of Chaos_?" Damned if I know...) Since this fact needs a reiteration or two: every aspect of this album, from the start and stop riffing patterns to the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-guitar solo-chorus structure, is perfectly linear. Isn't NG a group of deceptive little bastards? Now that we all agree upon that fact, NG has produced a competent simulacra of Paradise Lost's recent synthesis of pseudo-goth and power metal. Although memorable melodies appear throughout, the album eventually falters due to the overly buoyant mood and limited vocal range of the singer. Personally, they also need to inject some chaos into their music.

(article published 17/11/1997)

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