Finnr's Cane - _Wanderlust_
(Prophecy Productions, 2011)
by: Aaron McKay (9.5 out of 10)
This album is an experience. Some music is best enjoyed at high volumes, other in a live concert setting, yet still more as background melodies played as you go about other business. Finnr's Cane and the material they summon is like no other.

Many unique qualities inhabit the mystique making up the illusively captivating Finnr's Cane. While their compositions of desolate wintery abandonment might deceptively lead the listener to believe this outfit hails from Norway, Finland or even Sweden, Finnr's Cane call Canada home. The vast expanse of their chillingly despondent material is created by just three members: The Bard (vocals, guitar), The Peasant (percussion) and The Slave (synthesizers, cello).

With the absolute absence of a bass guitar, Finnr's Cane is free and uninhibited to explore the solitude of negative atmosphere making up all of the fairly lengthy eight tracks on _Wanderlust_. This is where simply hearing or listening to this band falls short of the unbridled potential within; it is meant to be experienced. Songs titles like "Snowfall", "A Winter for Shut-Ins", "The Lost Traveller" (sic) and "House of Memory" give soon-to-be fans of Finnr's Cane an ever-so-fragile glimpse into the trio's wind-cracked ethereal transcendence.

Hypnotically entrancing, the experience developed on _Wanderlust_ seizes all the right emotions. Drawing lines of similarity to other bands have some intrinsic value, but ultimately fail to capture the essence of Finnr's Cane. Remnants of sullen extreme black metal are certainly present. Agalloch and Skepticism have traces accounted for, as does hints of Arcturus, Borknagar and "The Imaginary Direction of Time" insinuated Winds.

The airy music dereliction of _Wanderlust_ is nothing short of astonishing. The minimalistic experience of Finnr's Cane is an undertaking more than worthy of the adventure they unfold. From this point, expect exceptional things to emerge and remember the name Finnr's Cane.


(article published 19/4/2011)

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