Insidious Omen - _Anointed With the Blood of Chaos_
(Ahdistuksen Aihio Productions, 2011)
by: Dan Lake (6 out of 10)
The _Anointed With the Blood of Chaos_ EP will fulfill your need for rotten-gut-spewing black metal, dutifully and without flash or apology. Need I say more? Do you crave the vokills of a Muppet with a slashed throat gurgling painfully over the vacuum cleaner din of a furious string-n-skin battering? Insidious Omen bring the kvlt right to your living room. (Don't see 'em? They're probably chewing on moldy rats in the crawlspace under the floor.) Seeking troo-th? Try cassette releases limited to 300 copies. Hate color? Check out _Anointed_'s cover, all dense lines carving elusive and frightening figures into the page. Insidious Omen play black metal like they thought of it, and while that may mean that anti-crooner Bzath and percussionist Ishkingghoul don't break (or even come within sight of) any barriers with this EP, they sure wield their passion for the style like a rune- and blood-splashed double axe.

After two minutes of slo-moaning, "Serpents Gate (Thus Malkuth Be Reborn)" surges forward with blurred chord progressions and driving rhythms that are part thick blasts and part conspicuous high hat taps. Around the six minute mark, Insidious Omen settle into a lethargic crawl through heavily distorted melodies and the post-binge retching of a recently sated (but no less cantankerous) demon. "Feasting at the Trough of Lies" continues the whirring, gagging punishment for similar results, and "Through Stone and Steel the Flesh Speaks Deceit" reprises some of the moaned vocals as a fantastic foil for the rubber-room howling splattered over the entire EP. There are even two more quiet minutes of groaning, sighing, and distant hammering in the second half of the track before the familiar frantic attack and an appropriately dismal sample lead the track out the way it came in.

So, yeah, my opening question was rhetorical; I said more anyway. And you already knew whether or not you wanted to read it. _Anointed With the Blood of Chaos_ is a lot like that.


(article published 19/4/2011)

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