Kvelertak - _Kvelertak_
(Indie Recordings, 2010)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
Black 'n' roll with punk overtones is what Kvelertak throw your way from start to finish on their full-length debut. They only deviate from the norm to include a clean sung chorus on a couple of tracks and one song with English lyrics (instead of their native Norwegian). Kvelertak inject remarkable energy and enthusiasm into each of their infectious songs, with memorable riffs and passages following each other in quick succession. The galloping fast sections of "Sjøhyenar (Havets Herrer)", for instance, are sure to wreak havoc in a ballroom or two when they play this song live. The fact that Kvelertak are so uncannily adept at getting the listener immediately involved with their music could easily have resulted in songs that you grow tired of after a couple of listens; however, all that vibrancy keeps the songs more enjoyable than they appear to have any right to be.

For the most part, this self-titled debut album remains focused on what the band does well. It all seems unpretentious and unassuming throughout, just lively riffs and rhythms coupled with rabid vocals, and it really is quite entertaining. What may be a little more worrying is that whenever they step outside that area -- which they do most evidently with the two clean sung choruses -- the result tends to dip somewhat. Nevertheless, and at least until we find out whether or not Kvelertak will eventually prove to be the proverbial one-trick pony, this self-titled effort will definitely continue to provide some massive energy boosts when required.

Contact: http://www.kvelertak.com

(article published 28/3/2011)

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