Septic Mind - _Beginning_
(Solitude Productions, 2010)
by: Chaim Drishner (8 out of 10)
Solitude Productions has matured as a label, and like good wine its maturation is quality-inclined, its roster being comprised of more and more adequate musical entities, reflected in the bulk of promos received by the label, the majority of which is quite worthy. Septic Mind, a Russian duo, play funeral-oriented doom/death metal. Powerfully overwhelming and monumental, their metal is atrocious yet in parts exquisite; balancing the two faculties well. The plodding, more ferocious moments are reminiscent of Hierophant, John Del Russi's semi-legendary one-man band, especially the monstrous vocal department adhering to the rigors of the sub-genre but taken to the very extreme, whereas the instrumentation incorporates at times foreign elements, keeping the music tight, darkly cavernous yet spiritually engaging.

The instruments are for real here; the guitars are chunky, multi-faceted and dominant; the drum section charismatic and rich, in spite of the fairly monotonous rhythms. There are other minute elements playing tricks in the music, some of which are ambient preludes, leading the listener through a dark sonic corridor into the king's room of Septic Mind's vast pyramid, where it all wonderfully explodes in one's face.

Three long tracks, all growled in Russian, embody Septic Mind's vision in the loudest and clearest fashion: bursting with enigmatic rapport, alluding to the funeral doom etiquette but not quite, delivering the heaviest sounds an amplifier can cope with without melting down, and beyond all that -- keeping their music metallic and interesting even though the very musical materials and stylistic approaches Septic Mind deal with, are easily prone to fall into the boredom pit, when handled by lesser minds.

Frankly, _Beginning_ (translated from the original Russian title, _Nat'chano_, the phonetic English writing for the Russian word) is one of the best modern funeral doom/death albums you can put your hands on, but not only doom/death and certainly not your casual doom/death album. Recommended!


(article published 28/3/2011)

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