Obskure Torture - _Spilling the Blood of the World_
(Rotting Grave, 2010)
by: Chaim Drishner (9 out of 10)
To dub Obskure Torture's music as doom/death, funeral doom, or even the European parallel of the legendary American band Winter would be a criminal over-simplification, to say the least; as Obskure Torture has a completely singular approach to music, enveloped within its very own rotten aesthetics, conveying vileness galore from beginning to end. _Spilling the Blood of the World_ is sonic primitivism incarnate, a reduction of the very concept of the metal genre, or music altogether. Yet -- and here's the magic of this recording -- its charm and allure are irrevocable and unquestionable.

Prior to it being a metal album, _Spilling the Blood of the World_ is first and foremost an occult ritual soundtrack; dark, filthy and intimidating. Its stark simplicity is paradoxical in the face of the awe-inspiring qualities contained within this album; during the listening experience, one question hammers down again and again: how did the musician behind this grotesque sonic entity manage to write and perform something so ominous and fascinating, using the utmost basic metal elements and maneuvers? How does such an under-produced, raw, unripe product manage to play so many tricks on the mind using a primitive, Neanderthal, simplistic aural methodology?

One who seeks musicianship is well advised to seek elsewhere; there's nothing of that sort here, nor are there recording qualities, production values, techniques or sophistication -- there is only the eternal night, ricocheting from every simple riff, from every torturous, slow drum bit, from every quasi-groove and venomous shriek, snaking their way, interlacing, intertwining into this thick, crude, crass sonic cloth of darkness, a fabric of sounds behind which hides a colossal dagger aimed at the very heart of the world, twisting and spilling its blood. Be forewarned...

Contact: http://www.rottinggrave.nl/

(article published 6/3/2011)

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