Deicide - _To Hell With God_
(Century Media, 2011)
by: Johnathan A. Carbon (7.5 out of 10)
Recently, Chronicles of Chaos paid tribute the best albums of 1990. The article "Withstanding the March of Time" also spoke of legacies, both obvious and obscure, surrounding the artists and their releases. I wrote an entry for Deicide's self-titled debut. To summarize, _Deicide_ was the band's explosion onto the death metal scene, showcasing an ungodly ferocity. _Deicide_ was a landmark in the budding style of Florida death metal and established the band's early pedestal. Deicide certainly deserves praise, not only for their self-titled debut, but for a long career of both controversy and accolade. Who is nearly killed by a bomb and continues to play three songs before the show is shut down? Deicide. Who makes offhand jokes about killing animals? Deicide. Who has continued the tradition of blasphemy and lyrical violence to everything that is holy? Decide. Who has basically been remaking the same album for twenty years just under different titles? Deicide.

In the mid 2000s, after losing its two founding guitarists, Decide re-entered the public conscious with _The Stench of Redemption_. Well, to be fair, in 2004 Deicide's "Fuck Your God" was used as an aural torture method for Iraqi detainees by American soldiers, but, for the sake of argument, let's start at 2006. _The Stench of Redemption_ was followed by the equally impressive and surprisingly telling _Till Death Do Us Part_. One could think of these two albums as a chance to purge and cleanse lead singer Glen Benton's marital woes and professional torments. However, Deicide has rarely faltered in a quest to undermine 2000 years of Christianity. _To Hell With God_, Deicide's tenth album, finds the band rested, rejuvenated and ready to get back to what they do they best: hating God.

To say Deicide has been making the same album for twenty years is partly true because the sound of their album rarely changes. The quality of each album does change, but the components stay the same. Deicide has built a career on a barebones style death metal, sacrificing variety for brutality. This low maintenance aesthetic has led to a semi-bland palate, as well as an easy position for re-focus. _To Hell With God_ has the band standing up, shaking out the last couple of years and landing hard right into... well... the face of God. If you would like to imagine Decide in a boxing ring sparring against the great creator, I would not be opposed -- as long as both of them are wearing brightly colored gym shorts and mouth pieces.

_To Hell With God_'s eponymous opener maps out the next 35 minutes with a pulverizing highly produced sound. The high fidelity heard in _To Hell With God_ never deviates from the "cement truck tipping off a cliff onto unsuspecting playground" sound Deicide has come to embody. The drums shake and Benton's voice still retains the unearthly demonic quality he has now become known for. But what is more prevalent than the sound is the energy felt ripping through the fabric of every track. "How Can You Call Yourself a God" literally shakes before gushing into the laps of listeners. "Witness of Death" still gives me the urge to throw horns and do a haircopter in the middle of my living room. The deluge heard in _To Hell With God_ has the band right back in 1990 with all the energy in the underworld.

_To Hell With God_ is a spectacular notch in Deicide's belt and re-negotiates the band's contract in the death metal world. Rather than fade softly in the background, Deicide has chosen to put their chair right up front. With that said, the major drawback of this album is the same thing which has made them revered by fans: Deicide has basically been making the same album for the past twenty years. This does not mean it is uninteresting or any less badass. It's loud, unapologetic, and most importantly, total Deicide.


(article published 6/3/2011)

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